Luxury apartment with a terrace and a pool

For serenity seekers

The Residences


Spaces flow seamlessly to the next, from kitchen to bedroom, living room to terrace. Indoor and outdoor become one and the same.

Bay windows with a sea view on Dubai landscape

A new level of living

To watch the sun rise over the city is inspiring. To watch it every day from your own luxury apartment is beyond invigorating. Each Muraba apartment has been designed to harness your passion for the art of living.

Breath-taking views across the dynamic Dubai skyline, light-drenched spaces that invigorate and illuminate your soul and spirit every day, from morning until night… Every space, every angle has been considered, to create living spaces with the comforts of exceptional design and optimised exposure to the natural landscape. Each apartment has been designed according to how light moves throughout the day, throughout each room, and how it makes you feel.

Spaces feel open, yet utterly private. The result is a feeling of ease, of synergy with your surroundings both inside and out. A sense of space, flow and positive energy. Whether you choose a 2 bedroom apartment or a 3 bedroom apartment, with each residence you have the peace of mind that you have the space to suit your lifestyle and enjoy the serenity that Muraba Residences delivers.

Sunny design living room with bay windowsSunny terrace with a private pool surrounded by nature
Bedroom with sunset view over Dubai

Own your own horizon

It’s just you and an endless horizon. The immensity of the ocean in the intimacy of your own home.

Sunny design living room with bay windows

Inside Muraba Residences, you can see but not be seen: an ingenious louvred glazing system prevents visibility from the outside, while allowing for maximum views of the ocean. Floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors provide a direct connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces. This seamless design allows light to penetrate seamlessly into every space. And with only one neighbour per floor, the entire building feels like your own.

Luxury is in the details. Each Muraba apartment and penthouse has been custom-designed using select high-end materials, tailor-made handcrafted features, and artisanal know-how of the highest calibre. From sleek, minimal silhouettes to practical modern amenities, each aspect has been carefully selected to create the ultimate haven.

Luxurious, design and high-end material furnitures
Spacious and contemporary kitchen

Dream kitchen and dining

A holistic experience

Clean lines, open spaces, contemporary design and the careful consideration of the movement on light throughout the day, create a living environment that flows almost seamlessly into the next. Though each area has a defined functionality, the sense of connection to the whole space – a holistic experience – is never lost.

Contemporary bathroom

Seamless bathrooms

Contemporary and intimate

The luxurious feeling of light and openness continues throughout the private spaces via quality of line, texture and materials. Contemporary and intimate, every feature has been carefully chosen to create a haven of peace that is at one with the style of the apartment, yet separate.

Indoor pool with bay windows

Vitality pool and exclusive gym

Outdoor indulgence

Outdoor and indoor living merge to become one. The rippling surface of the sumptuous swimming pool is echoed in the translucent glass louvres that extend across the facades. The pool, exclusive to residents, extends across the full width of the building’s façade, connecting to the indoor gym and overlooking over the Arabian Gulf and the Dubai skyline to the East. To exercise and indulge, you need only step out your door.

The fully equipped gym, fitted with the latest equipment and floor-to-ceiling windows, allows you to work out while you gaze over the pool and the skyline beyond.

Wellbeing and creativity come when you’re most at peace. Indulge in the luxurious Aqua Tonic vitality pool, and spa areas equipped with refreshing showers and steam rooms.

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